Auggie Doggie (right) was our first Bichipoo.
He is a hit with all children and is a true
gentleman.  Auggie won his AKC Canine
Good Citizenship Award and is the sire of several pet therapy dogs.  We just love the therapy he gives around here each day.  Sweet old man. Awwww Auggie.
            Brains and Beauty!
Congratulations to Linda Lamendola and Frankie!  Frankie is an Auggie/Betsy Schnoodle daughter who at less than a year old completed her Pet Therapy Certification. This is our 11th StoryBook puppy to achieve this goal. We have four more working on their Certification.
Currently we do not have pups available.  If you are interested in one of our pups from a future breeding, please read our website and then complete the form on the purchasing a puppy page.

                         Please note that we do not release puppies to any of the following:

*Anyone who is making an impulse buy.  Adding a puppy to the family should be an important decision.  You and your family will be making a 15 year committment, and the puppy deserves a forever home.

*Anyone but the person who will be responsible for him/her. We have been approached to sell puppies to be used as a prize, and we will NOT do this.  Also, surprising someone with a puppy is not fair to the person or ultimately our little pup.

*Brokers. Under no circumstances will a puppy be sent helplessly away to be sold to yet someone else.

*Pet Stores.  Again, we want to know who has the puppy, and be a part of the adoption process.

*Anyone we decide is just not a good fit.  We do reserve the right to refuse the release of  a pup if we feel the situation is not appropriate.

*** Please understand that although we have puppies living across the United States, those families came to us.  We do not like shipping little animals, and would prefer that you fly to us, meet us, pick up your puppy, and place him/her under your seat.  This is a much safer option than shipping, and a lot less frightening and stressful for your new family member.

If you are interested in one of our pups, please read further to get to know us and what we do a little better.  We are serious hobbyists and do not breed on a large scale. We limit our breedings, so you may have to wait if there is a particular color/cross/gender you want. We also try to give you some guidance as to what personality will fit your family lifestyle.  When you adopt a StoryBook puppy, you become a member of the StoryBook family.

See our Top Ten Reasons to love a StoryBook puppy page.