All of our puppies are hypoallergenic, intelligent, and just love people.  Each puppy has already begun shots, including 5+cv, , worming, and Revolution.  All of our puppies are vet checked. StoryBook puppies are started on Iams, and after weaning, are returned to their mother for further socialization..  Our puppies are available beginning at 9-10 weeks. We do not release puppies for adoption sooner than this time, as they need the socialization that only a mother can give.Bichipoo males and females are both $675 as males and females from StoryBook make excellent companions.  All are great with children.
SCHNOODLES!!!    We have baby Schnoodles on the way.  You can reserve your puppy now by filling out the questionnaire on the purchasing a puppy page. We will contact.  Also, you can call Deb or Steve at 512-772-1563, so we can visit.
          StoryBook Schnoodles
 Our Schnoodles are hypoallergenic and gentle. They are wonderful with children, and some of our dogs have gone on to be service dogs around Texas and the United States.  We breed a limited amount of pups per year, and we select only the best homes for our little ones.  If you are interested in a puppy from StoryBook, complete the questionnaire on the Purchasing a Puppy page and hit the submit button.  Also, you are welcome to call us at 512-772-1563 and ask for Deb or Steve.  
                                                           Past StoryBook Schnoodle puppies 
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Past Bichipoos from StoryBook who are now with their forever families.
currently we have no Schnoodles, but we should have our annual litter in the fall! Be sure to contact us if you are interested!
We have no little Bichipoos or Havanese/Bichipoos at this time. Please let us know if you are interested by completing the questionnaire on the last page!