Why the Bichipoo?

At Storybook, we combine the sturdiness, intelligence, gentleness, and curiosity of the Bichon Frise with the intelligence, focus, and trainablity of the Poodle.  The Bichipoo is a sensitive, responsive, and affectionate little dog, that loves to play, but is happy just to sit with you.  Their favorite past times include watching television, chasing their shadows, and entertaining their people.  They love to do the blitz, running in circles or from room to room, leaping over objects, and interacting with you.   Many of our puppies join their families in cars, airplanes, or even sailboating, and are just happy to be in the midst of things.

They may be called by different names (Poochon for example), but the Bichipoos we create at StoryBook are not your average Bichipoo.  Each of our dogs is temperament tested and must be good around others, especially children. Any dog with a personality or physical problem will not be a part of our breeding program.

We breed first and second generation crosses. The second generation cross helps us fine tune the outcome of the breeding. Once a breeder moves beyond the third generation of crossing, the hybrid vigor can begin to diminish.

Below you will meet our first and second generation parents.